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środa, maj 14th, 2014








„Moments” – new CD Filip Wojciechowski Quartet

środa, maj 14th, 2014

“Beauty, grace, elegance …These are the qualities that best describe the music created by Filip Wojciechowski and his company on this album. For years I have had the belief that the basis of Polish Jazz is the piano and this music confirms this, from the turn of the century many prominent swing phrases contained the eminent piano. This project’s group leader is also one of its brightest characters. With his in-depth knowledge of classical piano supported by an appropriate music education at the Warsaw Academy of Music, and numerous awards in piano competitions, Filip Wojciechowski is in every respect competent in the interpretation of classical music as well as jazz. It’s also – as it turns out – a very explosive mix. Impeccable virtuoso piano workmanship, a great musical imagination and compositional arrangement make the music featured on the album Moments a pleasure to listen to. It is significant that the leader found excellent partners in Gary Guthman, Marcin Kajper, Czarek Konrad, Paweł Pańta and Oskar Wojciechowski . They are united not only with the same sensitivity but also musical empathy. The resulting sounds captivate the listener from the first bars. “Moments” also has another important advantage. This is music without a rush, which allows each note to resound and allows silence to exist. One could write at lengthy note about this beautiful music, but I would rather just urge you to listen to this album. Believe me, you will not be disappointed, and the silver disc will remain Jacek Gładkowski, Filip Wojciechowski, Paweł Pańta in your player for a while”
Piotr Iwicki

The album includes two compositions of pianist and jazz transcriptions of Bach’s preludes and etudes of Chopin’s E flat minor. Guest starring are here also: American jazz trumpeter Gary Guthman and the members of the Quartet : Cezary Konrad-drums, Paweł Panta – bass and Martin Kajper – Saxophone. In the recording of the disc took part Sinfonia Baltica conducted by Bohdan Jarmołowicz.

„ALE”- new CD from Dorota Miśkiewicz

środa, maj 14th, 2014

Fot. Kama Czudowska

„ALE is a handful of delicate electronics combined with a journey into the past, to the land of retro,

when the word “diva” referred not to a capricious show-business star but to a personality, and when it was possible to sing about the things that matter most in a light but not banal fashion, even if the subject was a weighty one.”

Jazz in Poland, an insight into the scene

środa, maj 14th, 2014

The Jazz Day conference program encompasses two days of discussion on developments and topics through panels, workshops and presentations. It is primarily aimed at professionals.

Friday 28 June offers various panels with topical subjects, aimed at artists, venues and festivals, media and politics in the jazz world. They will feature subjects like: ‘How to get the web working for you’ (how to employ the social media effectively as an artist and as a festival), a panel on music and sponsoring, and a crossover to world music in the Blend Café or…. Jazz in Poland, an insight into the scene with Marcin Jacobson (Independent Entertainment Professional, PL) and  Małgorzata Smółka (MMusic, NL).

There will also be a number of short pitches by copyright organizations like Buma, Sena and Norma, but also from a TV station like Djazztv (‘What can I do to get my material on TV myself?’). In addition to the panels there will be a Dutch matchmaking program, offering musicians the opportunity to meet a large group of bookers and copyright organizations briefly.


Jazzy Tiel met Anna Maria Jopek

niedziela, maj 4th, 2014

Anna Maria Jopek tak mówi o koncercie w Tiel: Tak jak wszędzie na świecie, koncentruje moje muzykowanie, wokół muzyki polskiej. Wierzę, że ta wartość, słowiańska rzewność i ułański nerw jest właśnie tym, co innego, ciekawego, oryginalnego mamy do ofiarowania światu. W Holandii na pewno zagramy utwory z albumu Polanna (od Wacława z Szamotuł po Szymanowskiego) ale i z innych – jak Niebo, Upojenie, Bosa, w których nagrywaniu ludowość była dla mnie inspiracją do pisania muzyki autorskiej. Będzie bardzo „po słowiańsku”! AMJOn 2 November 2013, during the Jazzy Tiel festival, Anna Maria Jopek will present materials from her album “Polanna”. Folk music has surrounded her since she was a child: her parents, for example, were members of the world famous folk band Mazowsze. Marcin Kydryński, the singer’s producer and husband, writes how he has always regarded styles like the Portuguese fado, the Spanish flamenco or the Brazilian samba with some envy. He notices that these styles have become immensely popular not because of their original form, but thanks to great modern artists that have studied traditional themes and used them as inspiration. Much like Anna Maria Jopek. The music that will be performed during the evening forms the essence of Polish music.

At the theatre in Tiel we will hear jazz-interpretations of XVI-century works and hymns from the XVIII century. There will be pieces by the great Polish composers from the early XX century, but songs of WWII partisans and scouts as well; songs that have been sung around campfires by generations. All of these in amazing arrangements and the best renditions.

The greatest hits of the singer’s extensive discography won’t be overlooked either. Anna Maria Jopek will perform that night accompanied by some of the best Polish musicians: Krzysztof Herdzin: duduk, vocals, piano Cezary Konrad: drums Robert Kubiszyn: contrabass, acoustic bass guitar Marek Napiórkowski: acoustic and classical guitar Pedro Nazaruk: vocals, zither, flute, dulcimer “It is the search for the soul of Polish identity in music, in arrangements by the multiple Grammy-winner Gil Goldstein and Krzysztof Herdzin. Members of the specially formed band are among others: the Cuban master of the piano, Gonzalo Rubacalba, the grande dame of Polish folk Maria Pomianowska, and classic cellist Rafał Kwiatkowski.

This gives us a new view of some of the most beautiful and important moments in our musical history. Beginning with Wacław from Szamotuły, through old folk-songs, Stanisław Moniuszko, Mieczysław Karłowicz, to Karol Szymanowski and the Skaldowie group. The album “Polanna” was recorded in the Radio Gdańsk studio and mixed in the MRS studio in New York by Grammy Award winner Joe Ferla with the help of Steve Rodby from the Pat Metheny Group.”

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