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JazzPress November 2017

czwartek, listopad 9th, 2017

On the cover of Kuba Badach – one of those artists who can smuggle a lot of jazz with simple means! Judith Steenbrink from Holland Baroque and Leszek Możdżer and Natalia Mateo, Cleveland Watkiss and Apostolis Anthimos are also interlocutors. Besides, as usual reviews of records, columns and reports from concerts.
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niedziela, wrzesień 3rd, 2017

On October 6, 2017 Federica Colangelo will play with her quartet at Warsaw’s 12on14 JazzClub.
The concert is organized by the MMusic Foundation together with the Italian Institute of Culture in Warsaw.
We invite you to Noakowski street 16 at 20:30

Philippe Lemm Trio in 2018 in Poland

wtorek, czerwiec 13th, 2017

In February 2018 the trio of young drummer Philippe Lemm: Philippe Lemm – Drums
Angelo Di Loreto – Piano, Jeff Koch – Bass- will present his music in some of the best jazz clubs in Poland. We already invite all music lovers! Details of the tour we will be presenting on the site in the fall!

„Chiaroscuro” – new album from Federica Colangelo and Acquaphonica

wtorek, październik 11th, 2016

September 16, 2016 the publishing company Alfa Music released another album of ACQUAPHONICA, whose leader is Federica Colangelo – „CHIAROSCURO”.

My musical and artistic tendencies were evolving long before they were in my direct consciousness. When learning classical music as a young pianist I particularly loved Bartok, Gershwin and Stravinsky. When visiting an art gallery my gaze always fellon the work of the modern and contemporary artists, Escher, Chagall, Daliand Picasso. Throughout my jazz studies my respect for the lineage of great players was always balanced by my attraction to the musical borderlands, where the jazz tradition is refracted by contemporary and world music. The perception of jazz as a process rather than a fixed object, and a culturalas well as a purely musical phenomenon, constantly informs my playingand composition. The music on this album, rather than trying to fit into a conventional generic box, aims to draw together threads from diverse genres. With all this in mind I invite the listener then to let go of any preconceptionsand let the listening experience of the music guide their enjoyment of it.

Federica Colangelo

Federica Colangelo– piano and compositions
Joao Driessen – soprano saxophone
Matthijs Tuijn – acoustic guitar
Mihail (Misho) Ivanov – double bass
Kristijan Krajncan – drums and small percussions

Produced by Federica Colangelo for AlfaMusic Label&Publishing


czwartek, kwiecień 14th, 2016

Polish clubtour pianist Rogier Telderman

September 24th, Dutch pianist Rogier Telderman will head to Poland for a clubtour with his trio.  Telderman was elected best young Dutch jazzact for 2016, performing a well-received tour througout the Netherlands. One the rising stars of the European jazz scene will continu to perform  at some of the most prestigious of Polish jazzclubs such as the 12on14 club in Warsaw, the legendary Blue Note in Poznań, Piec’ Art in Kraków and jazzclub Vertigo in Europes cultural capital Wrocław.

Cultural exchange

Telderman was approach by MMusic, a foundation which promotes cultural exchange between the Netherlands and Poland. Founder Małgorzata Smółka met the pianist for an interview for Polish jazzmagazine Jazzpress: “The introduction to Rogier was remarkably pleasant. First off all, he creates enchantingly beautiful music. Music which moves and touches your soul.” according to Smółka. “On top of this Rogier is an inspiring personality, someone with a sharp mind and clear musical vision. This is why I wanted to introduce him and his trio to the Polish audience.”

According to the pianist, his compositions are centered around the creation of stories. This July the trio visited Poland for the first time, being invited to perform at the Wschód Piekna jazz festival, approximately 150 kilometers North of its capital. “Jazz lives in Poland! Not only was our music very well-received, the country itself hosts some amazingly talented musicians who create fantastic music.” Rogier explains.

Impressions of the Polish tour by the Rogier Telderman Trio can be followed on his blog via:

Polish tour – Rogier Telderman Trio

24.09.2016 Vertigo – Wrocław

25.09.2016 Blue Note – Poznań

28.09.2016 12on14 – Warszawa

29.09.2016 Szafa – Łódź

30.09.2016 Piec’Art – Kraków

1.10.2016 Piec’Art – Kraków

3.10.2016 Stargardzkie Centrum Kultury – Stargard

Concert in Stargard will be held on the occasion of the International Day of Music. It was organized in cooperation with the Association of Artistic Initiatives PRO ARTE and KaWuśProject.

Trasa 2016