„Chiaroscuro” – new album from Federica Colangelo and Acquaphonica

By Małgosia on październik 11th, 2016

September 16, 2016 the publishing company Alfa Music released another album of ACQUAPHONICA, whose leader is Federica Colangelo – „CHIAROSCURO”.

My musical and artistic tendencies were evolving long before they were in my direct consciousness. When learning classical music as a young pianist I particularly loved Bartok, Gershwin and Stravinsky. When visiting an art gallery my gaze always fellon the work of the modern and contemporary artists, Escher, Chagall, Daliand Picasso. Throughout my jazz studies my respect for the lineage of great players was always balanced by my attraction to the musical borderlands, where the jazz tradition is refracted by contemporary and world music. The perception of jazz as a process rather than a fixed object, and a culturalas well as a purely musical phenomenon, constantly informs my playingand composition. The music on this album, rather than trying to fit into a conventional generic box, aims to draw together threads from diverse genres. With all this in mind I invite the listener then to let go of any preconceptionsand let the listening experience of the music guide their enjoyment of it.

Federica Colangelo

Federica Colangelo– piano and compositions
Joao Driessen – soprano saxophone
Matthijs Tuijn – acoustic guitar
Mihail (Misho) Ivanov – double bass
Kristijan Krajncan – drums and small percussions

Produced by Federica Colangelo for AlfaMusic Label&Publishing

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