Jazz in Poland, an insight into the scene

By Małgosia on maj 14th, 2014

The Jazz Day conference program encompasses two days of discussion on developments and topics through panels, workshops and presentations. It is primarily aimed at professionals.

Friday 28 June offers various panels with topical subjects, aimed at artists, venues and festivals, media and politics in the jazz world. They will feature subjects like: ‘How to get the web working for you’ (how to employ the social media effectively as an artist and as a festival), a panel on music and sponsoring, and a crossover to world music in the Blend Café or…. Jazz in Poland, an insight into the scene with Marcin Jacobson (Independent Entertainment Professional, PL) and  Małgorzata Smółka (MMusic, NL).

There will also be a number of short pitches by copyright organizations like Buma, Sena and Norma, but also from a TV station like Djazztv (‘What can I do to get my material on TV myself?’). In addition to the panels there will be a Dutch matchmaking program, offering musicians the opportunity to meet a large group of bookers and copyright organizations briefly.


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