MMusic Foundation is a Polish-Dutch impresario and concert agency.

Our main aim is to promote Polish music in European countries and Dutch music in Poland. We hope that the Agency will contribute to the improvement of musical understanding across linguistic and geographical boundaries. The main objectives of the Foundation are:

  • the promotion of Polish jazz music in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and neighboring countries
  • the promotion of the Dutch jazz in Poland.

Our main area of expertise is to act as an intermediary between musicians and cultural events organizers. In cooperation with others, we offer:

  • professional preparation of performances and tours
  • support to artists
  • promotional material and advertising on websites
  • preparation and development of materials for the media
  • participation in the production of recordings.

Presently, we represent the following musicians and bands: Acquaphonica, Franz von Choosy, Cezary Konrad, Wojtek Justyna, Dorota Miśkiewicz, Philippe Lemm, Włodek Pawlik Trio, Łukasz Pawlik, Maurits Roes, Rogier Telderman, Filip Wojciechowski. Are not both music and conversation like love? Who would venture to say that what passes between lovers is of substance (I refer to their lovemaking, not their talk), yet is it not true that something is passed between them, back and forth, and they come away refreshed and healed for a while of their loneliness? J.M.Coetzee MMusic arose out of love for music. I am convinced that Polish jazz is something we should rightly be proud of, at the same time I would not want to turn away from Dutch Jazz and the opportunity to bring the two to the limelight. Both the Dutch and Polish Jazz are relatively unknown, so I decided to change that. Noble objective? Maybe. Difficult? Very. But without dreams, life is not worth much and if the courage to realize dreams arises then it’s time for something beautiful … Hereby, I challenge you to explore my dreams… Małgorzata Smółka